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Pharmacy Technition Schools and Certification Training Programs

A pharmacy technician assists a licensed pharmacist with administration work around a pharmacy.  They help distribute prescription medication, take phone calls, and assist customers.  Although not all states require a pharmacy technician to pass an exam and become certified employers often favor candidates that have completed some formal training.

Pharmacy technician schools prepare students for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam (PTCB Exam).  There are many private institutions that provide training in preparation for the PTCB exam.  This site is dedicated to helping individuals explore various options for education to ultimately help him or her obtain a pharmacy technician certification that can be used to better position him or her to find gainful employment.

Obtaining a certificate from the pharmacy technician certification board has many advantages.  Not only does it make a job applicant more favorable in the eye of an employer, it also gives the student confidence in knowing essential functions of the job, confidence around their coworkers, and job security in the event that certification does become required if they live in a state where it isn’t already.

The following states had passed laws requiring pharmacy technicians to be property licensed as of 2009: Wyoming, Utah, Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Iowa, Florida, and Louisiana.  Most states have determined that well-trained pharmaceutical workers are important to help better protect consumers.

In 2009 only 12% of the states required licensing.  In 2011 18% of the states required it. As of 2013 only 7 states don’t require certification, registration, or licensing.  These states are: Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Colorado.

As time passes more and more states are requiring technicians to be certified.  Because of this those currently employed without a state approved license may be at risk in the future if their state does pass laws requiring pharmacy technician certification.

The need for properly trained techs will continue to grow as the population ages.  Job opportunities in pharmacies are expected to increase far greater than average as the baby boomers reach retirement age and require more prescription medication.  A study released in 2010 stated that job opportunities were expected to grow 32% by 2020.

Healthcare is an evergreen market.  There will always be a demand for healthcare professionals and the economy has little effect on this demand.  As luxurious go by the wayside as economic times worsen, the need for proper medication and treatment from illness and pain will remain constant.